Hi! I am Verónica and I have been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 15 years. I graduated in product Design from the University of Castellón and in Illustration at the ESAT School of Arts in Valencia. Since I graduated, I worked as a designer in several agencies, and then I founded my own studio:  Meridiana Estudio.

Currently, I work as a freelance illustrator and designer for magazines, institutions and publicity agencies.

You can contact me at veronicafabregat@gmail.com



Baba Kamo. Festival y feria del Libro ilustrado, CCCC, Valencia. 2020

Prohibit Fixar Cartells. The last 20 years of the Valencian poster design, 2000-2020. Organized by ADCV. CCCC,  Valencia, 2020.


2019. Il.luminades. Il.lustrant la història de la misogínia. Collective exhibition at Fine Arts Museum, Castelló (Spain), curated by Adona’t.

2016. Il.lustradones. Collective Exhibition at Raquel Carrero Workshop Gallery.

2014. Diari. Collective Exhibition at Cook.ed Singular Things.

2011. Aventura de Paper. Collective exhibition, APIV. Fira del llibre de València.

2010. Vosté es troba en aquest punt. Collective exhibition, APIV. Fira del llibre de València.

photo by Juan Vicent